Holly’s Bio

Born July 30, 1987 in England, Holly Peers is one of the most famous additions to the glamour family. After her first shoot for Nuts Magazine, she became one of the most requested models. She’s probably the “best newbie” so far and she also appears in Loaded and Page 3 too. She began posing in December 2009 and is loved mostly for her near-perfect figure and her large natural breasts. She signed with Nuts after a nice entry in January 2010 and became a favourite among the fans of Page 3 any other magazines like Front.

In my opinion, she’s one of the hottest models, the best of the current era. She’s incredibly adorable with that cute smile, not forgetting her lovely bright eyes and pretty hot with those fantastic breasts. She’s definitely a true bombshell babe! Just like many of her fans, I became somehow… addict to her after her first Nuts photoshoot. I wasn’t focusing on her boobs only but her face. She has that pretty cute side I rarely see. The fact I’m seeing her pics since the very beginning of her modelling career is something I’m proud to share on this blog. She’s the ONLY model I’m following since her very first photoshoot. So if I had to be honest, she’s really the one I’m the most addicted too. I’m NOT aware if the REAL Holly has seen the blog.

Holly is also very appreciated on forums. As a member of Phun.org, I’ve seen her popularity and it’s really intense. Okay, I feel responsible but that’s only for the best of our pretty gal. In 2010, as a New Entry to Phun Hot 100, she ended 45th which is not bad. In 2011, she simply made a huge jump by stealing the 17th spot! Best thing is that her Page 3 pictures and Nuts photoshoots became even better so we can expect a very nice year for 2012!

Height: 5’7″
Bust: 30F
Waist: 24
Hips: 34

17 Responses to Holly’s Bio

  1. planetdenise says:

    I didn’t know Holly was so new, knowing that she has become even more impressive in my eyes.

  2. Matt Ryan says:

    32F natural? Absolutely amazing….

  3. Mark says:

    That’s suprising

  4. Frank says:

    her tits are real?

  5. kshm says:

    Can’t find the words to describe this girl….. She’s AMAZING

  6. Jack says:

    Very good girl

  7. henry chan says:

    She is so fit, I would do anything to have her for just a day

  8. anon189128978167189643 says:

    NEAR perfect figure? how is it not perfect?

  9. joshua says:

    any idea what is that holly’s tattoo and what does it mean?

  10. Neil says:

    Simply the finest pair of toys in creation

  11. fvgh says:

    that is a fine pair of love balloons

  12. derek g says:

    I would love to watch her pass a foul smelling solid

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