First of all… Happy New Year! I’d to take a break so this is why I didn’t update the blog too much. I got a life, of course. I tried to get necessary updates. There are many good pics to post so far so I’ll try to do my best. First, the Page 3 pics. Always beautiful!

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Nuts – Britain’s Best Boobs (Oct. 2011)

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No “Favs. of the Week” because there was… well… nothing since two weeks to be honest so better take a break… So, new 360° page for Holly on so I suggest you take a look.

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Review of the Year 2011

Okay… the year is almost over… Wait, there’s still November and December but who cares. November is a depressive month and December… you’ll be gone eating turkey, potatoes and get sick during Christmas. How negative I am… We don’t know what to expect from Holly for the year’s end. Last year, in November, she gave us the sexiest covershoot she ever did (one of the most seen on the blog) and a pretty cool Christmas shoot for December. The thing is… will it happen again? I doubt but I may be wrong.

What did we get this year? More stuff than I thought. Nuts, Loaded and Page 3 were kind to us. We’ve seen no bra can’t really fit… which is fine. She’s also a little rude for a cutie. She also did a little double act with Sophie Howard (better say she did a pic with the blonde of the moment). For Loaded, she gave us some “Peers” pressure. In Page 3, well… we couldn’t have expected what we’ve got so far and it’s epic, nearly perfect! Let’s go back and see what she has done.

This is the biggest gallery to be posted on the main page so far. I know, it’s not enough but… damn that’s already a big year for Holly. Let’s hope the third one will be as good as the two first. Of course, I’m trying to keep this blog active because I’m proud of it!

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Is Holly S4W?

As Holly Peers will soon take part of the NS4W Babe Tournament 2011 on the forum, I’m now asking… and it’s all about the title… is Holly S4W (safe for work)? My answer has two sides. Yes and, of course, not really. Both side of a coin!

Why Holly is S4W? Nudity never hurts anyone. Okay, she sure has some impressive curves and everything else to make a man happy (or a bisexual woman). But as we walk on the streets, we can see lot of cute faces. You know where I’m coming to? Holly doesn’t look like a nude glamour model if you only focus on her face. You think she’s a normal cutie you could meet every day, one you would want to have as neighbor or even best friend… well, you see my point.

Why Holly is NS4W? She has more than two reasons. When someone will ask you who’s Holly Peers, you’ll have to be honest because that someone will next make a search and spot a model who’s doing topless shoots. So you sure don’t want people around you to know about Holly.

Personally, there’s a serious reason why I prefer glamour models. From what I’ve seen (and even experienced), glamour models are open to their fans (maybe the ero models fans will prove me wrong). You can see pics of several models with their fans or just sending a reply. I even had a reply of a message I sent to Melissa Debling (can’t tell more about it but it’s a true story) and she made fun of it. Lovely! And even before I start looking at Holly and Melissa, I was on Michelle Marsh’s official forum and damn, talk about a kind woman. She’s NS4W because of her appearance but on chat, she’s S4W. But the problem both kind of models have : we expect too much from them and we become disappointed as I often was. Is it because of my tastes? Am I “growing”? I don’t know… but I do remember the good times of the previous models I enjoyed before Holly and Melissa.

But you know what’s the best in the middle? We love her! Hear us, Holly?

That’s a little why I got my focus on some girls like Holly or Melissa instead of hardcore stuff. Models from Nuts and Page 3 are girls you would expect to meet in college and suddenly find them nude on a newspaper the next week. LOL!

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